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Girl In Mirror

Girl In Mirror
Signed Ceramic

Roy Lichtenstein

Enamel, 1964
Signed Ceramic Edition of 8
H 107cm x W 107cm

Critical Review

Girl In Mirror was manufactured using advanced printing methods and is firmly rooted in the seminal foundations of Pop Art. This glossy work serves as a strategic commentary on the divide between high and low culture.

Girl In Mirror introduces a graceful blonde woman framed within the constraints of a handheld mirror. Similar to the protagonist of Crying Girl created one year prior, the depersonalised and isolated female figure presented here examines society's codification of femininity. The work raises questions about voyeurism in consumer culture by ridiculing fabricated visual tropes.

Additionally, this work is also one of Lichtenstein’s first explorations into the optically and intellectually intriguing subject of mirrors. Using the object as a metaphor for hidden truths, Lichtenstein initiates a discourse about complexities that cannot be perceived through reflections. The artist pursued themes of projection and perception continuously throughout his career, most notably in his Mirrors and Reflections series.