Bull I

Bull I
Signed Mixed Media

Roy Lichtenstein

Mixed Media, 1973
Signed Mixed Media Edition of 100
H 68cm x W 89cm

Critical Review

Bull I is the first of the six part multimedia prints constituting the Bulls series. It is the most technical and figurative print in the series, depicting the animal in all its anatomical glory. The bull is situated at the very centre of the work, composed of perfectly defined black contours and fine inner lines. The composition is highly symmetrical and there is a strong juxtaposition between the dark coloured subject matter and the empty white background.

This emphasises the focal point of the print; the systematic portrayal of the bull. Lichtenstein’s dedication to Pop Art is evident in the calculated disposition and proportion of the figure. The stylised black and white patterning in Bull I, achieved through the process of line cut, evokes the surface finish most commonly attributed to woodcuts or line engravings.