Composition IV

Composition IV
Signed Print

Roy Lichtenstein

Screenprint, 1995
Signed Print Edition of 120
H 10cm x W 13cm

Critical Review

The prints in his Composition series from the mid 1990s approach the subject matter head on and depict the musical notes of an imaginary music sheet being liberated from their usual linear constraints. Lichtenstein presents an arrangement of looping musical notations, situated on coloured areas of bright yellow and vivid red, supported by the artist’s signature diagonal lines.

Composition IV from 1995 can be regarded as a predecessor of Lichtenstein’s three part screen prints published in 1996 titledComposition I, Composition II and Composition III. Interestingly enough, Composition IV constitutes the final stage of an abstraction process, seeing as the main composition is reduced to a select few waves of black and red detailed notes and staves. On account of its distilled disposition of visual elements, the Composition series acts as a subtle nod to Lichtenstein’s Bulls series from two decades prior.