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Roy Lichtenstein: Apple With Gray Background - Signed Print

Apple With Gray Background
Signed Print

Roy Lichtenstein


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Woodcut, 1983
Signed Print Edition of 60
H 64cm x W 68cm

Critical Review

Apple With Gray Background actively exploits the unrefined and abstract qualities of Lichtenstein’s own visual language.In line with Vertical AppleandApple And Lemonof the same series, the print exhibits an unconventional depiction of a piece of fruit. The artist spans the canvas with intersecting streaks of grey, blue, yellow, dark red, orange and blush. While these colours flow in all directions, the black contours of the apple are kept intact.

These expressive sweeps are the vehicles, with which Lichtenstein reconsiders the formal qualities of still lifes and the authority given to painterly gestures of the past. Apple With Gray Backgroundproves that it isn’t necessary to realistically capture the apple, in order for audience’s to recognise the subject matter. The artist keenly embraces a sense of technical finesse with which he engages in a simulated process of painting. As a result, the beholder forgets that the print was in fact executed as a woodcut.

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