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Roy Lichtenstein: Illustration For Hüm Bum - Signed Print

Illustration For Hüm Bum
Signed Print

Roy Lichtenstein


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Intaglio, 1992
Signed Print Edition of 80

Critical Review

Illustration For Hüm-Bum!’ responds to Ginsberg’s performance poem that he composed over a period of twenty years. The poem reiterates in a feverish manner: ‘Whom bomb? We bomb’d them!’, ‘Whydja bomb? We didn’t wanna bomb!’. As Ginsberg expanded it over the years, Hum Bom can be seen to record the history of the U.S. militarism, especially America’s involvement in the Vietnam war.

Responding to this difficult legacy, Lichtenstein’s print presents a vision of explosions, in which playful shapes and bold colours seem to clash deliberately with the gravity of the topic. The cubism-inspired vision of an attack contrasts with a series of serene landscapes involved in the portfolio.

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