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Water Lily Pond With Reflections

Water Lily Pond With Reflections
Signed Print

Roy Lichtenstein

Screenprint, 1992
Signed Print Edition of 23
H 147cm x W 214cm

Critical Review

Water Lily Pond with Reflections is an arresting piece from Lichtenstein’s 1992 Water Lilies. It is striking for the way in which it embodies the artist’s long-held fascination with light and reflections. Lichtenstein explored the challenge of representing the phenomena in graphic form in several bodies of work, including Reflections, Mirrors, and Interiors. His approach involved distilling ideas and messages into objects, symbols, and simplified forms. As such, he applied vertical black lines, Ben Day dots and white panels onto his canvases.

Lichtenstein’s interest in reflections also led him to experiment with different materials and processes suggestive of shadows and panes of light. With his Water Lilies, the artist sought to create a reflective surface as his base, using his signature ‘machine-made’ aesthetic. After experimenting with different metals, he chose stainless steel onto which he produced a swirled or dotted shiny picture plane.