Halzephron by Sir Terry Frost is a captivating series of eight prints, titled from Halzephron A to Halzephron H. Created in 2001, the series showcases Frost’s distinctive approach to abstraction through the use of woodcut and collage. Drawing inspiration from the Cornish coast, each print in the series embodies the dynamic interaction between colour, form, and texture, reflecting the rugged landscape and the elemental forces shaping it.

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Meaning & Analysis

The Halzephron series represents Terry Frost’s deep engagement with the landscape of Cornwall, a recurring source of inspiration throughout his career. Each artwork in the series utilises bold blocks of colour and organic shapes, arranged in compositions that echo the silhouettes of the cliffs, sea, and skies of the Halzephron area. The use of woodcut printmaking adds a raw, textural quality to the works, giving each print a tactile presence that mirrors the physicality of the coastal landscapes.

Frost’s application of collage further enriches the textural dialogue within the series, as layers of paper and paint overlap and interact, creating depth and movement. This layering technique is reflective of the geological and maritime layers that define the Halzephron coast, known for its dramatic cliffs and historical lore.

Colour plays a pivotal role in conveying the mood and atmosphere of each scene. From the deep blues and greens representing the sea to the earthy reds and oranges echoing the colours of the cliffs, Frost’s palette is both a depiction and an abstraction of the natural world. The strategic placement of colours not only segregates the canvas into elemental zones but also harmonises these into a cohesive visual narrative.

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