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The Big Issue (red)

The Big Issue (red)
Signed Print


Lithograph, 2013
Signed Print Edition of 75

Critical Review

The Big Issue, a series by Stik of huge social and personal significance, is a watershed point in the artist's career as a record of the artist's own experience of homelessness and the influence it has had on his iconic stickman figure. However, it is not only in the title that the artist pays homage to his earlier work, but also in the original form of distribution:  the piece was available as a pull-out in an issue of the weekly magazine of the same name.

The ease with which the print may be obtained demonstrates the artist's dedication toward making art accessible to all: “It’s creating a thought in public consciousness, trying to say something. It’s free art. It’s for everyone.” The stickman appears downcast, his arms hanging loosely at his sides, and he is set against a solid red backdrop in this print. As the figure stares dejectedly to the ground, there is a strong feeling of withdrawal and sadness.