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Written by - Sheena Carrington
A photograph of Thierry Noir facing the camera and standing in an art gallery surrounded by four large-scale caricature portrait canvases. The canvases are created in vibrant hues and lined up against the walls of the gallery.Image © Noir Projects
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Thierry Noir's artistic trajectory has been marked by a significant presence in the art market. His unique style, characterised by bold lines, vibrant colours, and abstracted figures, has garnered attention and acclaim. With notable works such as A Certain Degree of Mystery Surrounds the Way I Do My Hair (2020) and Flower To The People Of London (2014), Noir has solidified his position as a respected contemporary artist. His artworks have achieved impressive prices at renowned auction houses like Christie's, Sotheby's, and Phillips, with sales reaching up to £100,800. This success not only highlights the enduring value and significance of Noir's contributions but also reaffirms his influential position within the art market.

Thierry Noir’s highest-selling works are often achieved through online sales. However, there has been an increasing presence of his works within live auctions, and we expect to see the appearance of others.

£107,950 for Brompton Road at 6pm


Abstract caricature faces in bold black lines arranged in a Tetris-like puzzle against a vibrant cerulean blue backdrop. The faces feature exaggerated lips in red, blue and white hair, and some with protruding teeth.Image © Sotheby's / Brompton Road at 6pm © Thierry Noir 1958

Brompton Road at 6pm (2014) is a large-scale oil painting on canvas featuring caricatured side-profile faces executed in bold black sinuous lines against a vibrant blue backdrop, inviting various interpretations of its title.

Thierry Noir first painted his signature face motifs on the Berlin Wall, firmly rooting them within a political and historical context, juxtaposed with dynamic and playful hues. This artwork gained significant acclaim, achieving £107,950 (fees included) at Sotheby's online Contemporary Curated sale in April 2023, establishing Noir's auction record and solidifying his position in the contemporary art world.

£101,600 for My perceptive vision crosses the darkness and stares at the ferryboats that take to the sea

( £101,600)

An abstract canvas with shades of grey, vibrant red, and green. A bold black-lined caricature in a side profile is drawn over the colors. The green forms the eye, red creates exaggerated lips, and a lighter grey hue resembles a hat. The artwork is signed "NOIR" in the bottom left corner.Image © Sotheby's / My perceptive vision crosses the darkness and stares at the ferryboats that take to the sea © Thierry Noir 2020

My Perceptive Vision Crosses the Darkness and Stares at the Ferryboats That Take to the Sea (2020) is a large-scale canvas exemplifying Thierry Noir's talent in creating captivating pieces using a minimal colour palette. The composition predominantly features striking red lips, shades of grey, and an electrifying chartreuse eye.

This artwork embodies Noir's playful artistic language, evident in the portrait's title and symbolic references. The title hints at the figure's resemblance to a sailor, mentioning “darkness’’ representing the sea's depth and mystery. In addition to its contemporary aesthetic, this work carries a narrative and symbolism that enrich the minimalist depiction. Presented in Sotheby's Contemporary Curated online sale in April 2023, the artwork achieved £101,600 (fees included).

£100,800 for A Certain Degree of Mystery Surrounds the Way I Do My Hair


 An abstracted palette of greys, red, blue, and orange showcases a bold caricature face drawn in black lines. The side portrait view reveals exaggerated lips in red, an eye in blue, and an orange element that can be interpreted as hair or a crown.Image © Christie's / A Certain Degree of Mystery Surrounds the Way I Do My Hair © Thierry Noir 2020

A Certain Degree of Mystery Surrounds the Way I Do My Hair (2020) showcases Thierry Noir's skilful use of limited colours, predominantly grey and blue, with vibrant accents of red lips and golden orange hair. Thierry Noir's playful approach to figuration aligns with the work's title, referencing the portrayal of hair that resembles a crown.

This artwork is among Noir's top-selling works, achieving an impressive £100,800 (fees included) in Christie's online Post-War & Contemporary art sale.

£88,200 for Flower To The People Of London


An abstracted palette with grey at the bottom and light blue on top, representing the sky and pavement. A vibrant caricature walks in the middle, depicted in abstracted yellow, orange, and pink hues, outlined in bold black lines. The figure gazes downward at a three-petaled flower held in its hand. The artwork is signed "NOIR" in the bottom left corner.Image © Sotheby's / Flower To The People Of London © Thierry Noir 2014

Unlike his typical cropped portraits, Flower To The People Of London (2014) features a full-bodied caricature figure in Thierry Noir's distinctive two-dimensional side portrait style. The figure strolls, holding a three-petaled pink flower, departing from his usual cropped portraits. Noir has personally emphasised the importance of this artwork, which was created in 2014, coinciding with the centenary of World War I. This moment held significant meaning in Britain's commemoration of the war, often remembered by citizens wearing a poppy flower. The figure in the artwork appears to hold a poppy with a missing petal, suggestively symbolising a fallen soldier. This artwork achieved £88,200 (fees included) at Sotheby's online sale in May 2022, ranking among Noir's top-selling works.

£72,674 for Nächstes Mal kaufe ich eine noch grössere (Next Time I buy an even Bigger One)

(€82,550 (EUR))

 A vibrant abstracted palette of blue, green, orange, yellow, red, and brown. A bold black line creates a scenery with green grass, and a two-dimensional caricature figure walks staring the viewer in a side profile, holding either a three-petaled green flower or a windmill in its hand.Image © Sotheby's / Nächstes Mal kaufe ich eine noch grössere (Next Time I buy an even Bigger One) © Thierry Noir 1996

In contrast to his usual larger canvases, Nächstes Mal kaufe ich eine noch grössere (Next Time I Buy An Even Bigger One) (1996) is a smaller scale showcasing one of Thierry Noir's figures set against a vibrant backdrop of a grassy landscape and a vivid blue sky. The figure's colouration presents a striking contrast: a blue head against the blue sky, yellow feet and hands that echo the yellow cloud, an orange dress that matches a bush, and green sleeves that blend with the surrounding grass. This deliberate arrangement creates a harmonious and unified palette, revealing Noir's skill as a colourist.

Noir's signature bold black lines bring life to the contrasting and abstract colours. The figure is presented holding a broken windmill toy with a missing blade. Through the artwork's title, Noir conveys a sense of grandeur and hope in his artistic language without revealing too much, exuding a prevailing sense of optimism and aspiration.

Originating from a private collection in Germany, Nächstes Mal kaufe ich eine noch grössere (Next Time I Buy An Even Bigger One) (1996) was featured in Sotheby's online sale in Germany, achieving £72,674 (fees included).

£56,700 for Meeting Point


 A vibrant pink and orange abstracted palette with a bold black line drawing of an abstracted caricature. The figure is two-dimensional and features a prominent white eyeball. The artwork is signed "NOIR" in the bottom right-hand corner.Image © Sotheby's / Meeting Point © Thierry Noir 2016

Meeting Point (2016) showcases another of Thierry Noir's distinctive facial portraits, characterised by its unique side-profile perspective. In this piece, a vivid orange visage comes to life through Noir's masterful use of bold black lines set against a lively backdrop of pink and orange abstractions. Departing from traditional facial features, Noir embraces a more abstract form, demonstrating a keen awareness of artistic trends. By accentuating the recess between the figure's facial planes, Noir invites viewers to contemplate the ”meeting point,’’ as hinted at in the title. This fosters interpretation and adds an intriguing layer of ambiguity to the composition. Notably, this artwork successfully sold at Sotheby's in June 2022, fetching a price of £56,700 (fees included).

£52,920 for Fruits are piling up in front of me. It is a good idea! I am going to buy clementines for tonight’s desert


A vibrant orange canvas featuring perfectly puzzled side profiled caricatured faces drawn with thick black lines. The faces have exaggerated red lips, vibrant blue hair, and different-colored eyeballs. The artwork is signed "NOIR" in the bottom right-hand corner.Image © Phillips / Fruits are piling up in front of me. It is a good idea! I am going to buy clementines for tonight’s desert © Thierry Noir 2019

Thierry Noir's collage-based creations, such as Fruits are piling up in front of me. It is a good idea! I am going to buy clementines for tonight's dessert (2019), epitomise his artistic intricacy and unique visual vocabulary, offering intriguing interpretations as the vibrant, clementine orange background bursts to life with bold black faces arranged in multiples. Crafted with Noir's distinctive black lines, these distorted visages coalesce in a harmonious tessellated composition playfully referenced by the title, “Fruits are piling up in front of me’’. Noir intentionally shapes a discernible pattern of repeated forms within the piece, attesting to the selling price of £52,920 (fees included) at Phillips in June 2020.

£52,920 for Classic Blue Head


An abstracted canvas with prominent shades of blue. A side-profiled caricature is drawn in thick, bold black lines, creating an enlarged and exaggerated face using abstracted colors. The figure features exaggerated red lips, a small patch of red hair, and one white eyeball.Image © Sotheby's / Classic Blue Head © Thierry Noir 2014

The appeal of Classic Blue Head (2014) resides in its enchanting array of blue hues. The interplay of rich cerulean and vibrant cobalt, punctuated by dashes of red, forms a captivating visual tapestry. The artwork's straightforward title, “Classic Blue Head,’’ establishes a direct connection with the viewer, inviting them to immerse themselves in the serene depths of blue. This work is prominent in Thierry Noir's most sought-after pieces, commanding a notable price of £52,920 (fees included) at Sotheby's in April 2022.

£50,400 for A Particularly Successful Rush Hour


A vibrant abstracted palette with shades of orange, yellow, blue, green, and purple. Multiple two-dimensional faces are repetitively arranged in a puzzled pattern, showcasing side profile views. The faces feature exaggerated lips and teeth, along with small patches of caricature hair.Image © Phillips / A Particularly Successful Rush Hour © Thierry Noir 2014

A Particularly Successful Rush Hour (2014) is a prime example of Thierry Noir's collage technique, capturing the essence of his artistic expression. This vibrant artwork radiates Noir's joyful approach, as seen in the caricatured and distorted faces that populate the composition. The title mirrors the artist's optimistic language, contributing to the overall exuberance of the piece. Despite the bustling and lively nature of the composition, the work maintains equilibrium through strategic colour placements.

This work sold at Phillips in April 2022, where it realised £50,400 (fees included), reaffirming its value and market appeal within Noir's body of work.

£47,880 for BMX Racing


A vibrant orange circular canvas displaying a geometrically disassembled caricature figure in a side profile view. The figure is positioned above a two-dimensional bicycle with yellow wheels, blue tires, and light blue handlebars.Image © Phillips / BMX Racing © Thierry Noir 2020

In his recent artistic ventures, Thierry Noir ventures ambitiously into the realm of shaped canvas works, as evidenced by BMX Racing (2020). This piece reflects his innovative spirit, presented as a dynamic orange circular canvas that embodies Noir's distinctive caricatured style. In this artwork, Noir boldly deconstructs the figure into distinct elements, featuring the head, arms, and legs, all suspended above a two-dimensional bicycle within the circular orange backdrop.

This exploration of form and composition has not only garnered attention from art enthusiasts but has also earned its place in Noir's tenth top-selling works, achieving £47,880 (fees included) at Phillips in April 2022.

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