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Banksy has become one of the world’s most famous working artists. His instantly recognisable style both on the streets of London and across the globe has captured the hearts of passersby ever since his first murals appeared.

Banksy’s identity continues to elude us and if anything, this has made his work even more desirable to own. In fact, the artist’s prints have become some of the most lucrative investments on the market.

Given the current financial landscape due to the pandemic, we wanted to investigate if the value of Banksy prints continues to increase and is still a strong investment against traditional commodities, assets and stocks and shares.

Is Banksy a Better Investment than Gold, Shares and Assets?

In the last five years, the market for a Banksy print has boomed and many investors have been keen to get their hands on a Banksy edition to diversify their investments.

With the ongoing interest in Banksy artworks, we have compared the average price of sold Banksy prints each year against the following assets, shares and stocks:

  • Gold price per kg
  • Bitcoin price per 1 BTC
  • Apple share price
  • Amazon share price
  • Macallan Whiskey 18yo 1975
  • Rolex Yacht Master II
  • FTSE 100
  • Average house price in the UK
  • Oil

Graph showing the average price of a Banksy print

Our results reveal, the average annual sold price of Banksy prints has increased by 178% in 2020 vs. 2019. This increase is higher than any other annual increase across all eight other shares and assets analysed.

Since 2011, a Banksy print has increased by 1027%, suggesting there is a huge return for early Banksy investors.

The asset with the second highest increase in YoY average value is Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency is gaining even greater traction as an investment even during the uncertain times of coronavirus, but it still doesn’t eclipse the rise in the average value of a Banksy.

Although a house is the most expensive asset within our data, the YoY average UK property sale value increase has only been a mere 6% 2020 vs. 2019.

How about gold? Always seen as a predictable asset during uncertain times, the price of gold has only risen by 5% in 2020 compared with 2019. Since 2011, the average asset value has increased by 93%, which suggests that it is still a safe bet and can provide returns. However, if you’re an investor who wants to see a greater return on your investment in a shorter period of time, then our data suggests that purchasing a Banksy print offers a better option.

If you’re looking to invest in smaller commodities such as Whiskey or a Rolex, you might want to consider the bottle of Whiskey. Our research shows an 18-year-old bottle of Macallan 1975 has increased by 837% since 2011. Whereas, the Rolex Yacht Master II, one of Rolex’s most desirable models, has increased by 94% since 2011. However, none of these assets have increased as much in value over the last ten years as a Banksy print.

A Breakdown of The Average Annual Sold Price of Banksy Prints Since 2011Graph showing the average price of a Banksy print over a ten year period

Back in 2011, you could have picked up a Banksy print for the average cost of £4,985. As of 2020, the average price of a Banksy print was £56,208. Within the space of almost ten years, the average price has increased by £56,186- a percentage increase of 1027%!

We’ve analysed our 2021 sales data to date to provide an average Banksy print value for 2021, which is £60,332*- showing an increase of 7.4% versus 2020. However, this is just over two months worth of 2021’s sales data so the appetite for Banksy prints can still change towards the end of the year!

Top Prices Achieved for Banksy Prints by Series

So we know that the appetite for Banksy prints is only going to get stronger, but how much have individual prints from a series recently sold for?

The table below provides the latest sold figures* for Banksy prints around the world.

Table showing the top prices paid for a Banksy print by series

Table showing the top prices paid for a Banksy print by series

Table showing the top prices paid for a Banksy print by series


Voted the nation’s favourite artwork, it’s no surprise that Girl With Balloon (2004) is the most expensive print from any print series sold for both signed and unsigned prints. A signed print sold for £438,500 on Sotheby’s Online Auction in September 2020, which was an auction record for this series of standard editions.. Banksy’s unsigned print from this series also sold for £300,250 (Bonhams on 15 December 2020). In September 2020, Banksy’s Girl With Balloon – Colour Artists Proof (Purple) realised £791,250 in Christie’s second offering of their aptly named online auction, ‘Banksy: I can’t believe you morons actually buy this sh*t’.

A signed Donuts Special Edition – Chocolate, is the second most expensive signed print from a Banksy series, selling for £247,000 at Forum Auctions London on 7 December 2020. Following in third, is Nola (Green Rain Edition), selling for £226,800 at Sotheby’s online auction in September 2020.

Out of all of Banky’s print series, 88% of the auction records for signed copies of each series were sold in 2020, showing a clear spike in investment interest to these signed prints, and special editions, in the last year.

If our research has inspired you to explore investing in Banksy prints, or if you have your own Banksy print and want to find out how much your print is worth in today’s market, request a valuation today.


To get the annual average value of a Banksy print, MyArtBroker analysed average sold prices of Banksy prints for each year.

For the annual average share, asset and stock values, prices were taken as of the 1st January for the years 2011 to 2020.

*2021 sales data is just year to date and might look different at year end

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