Bridget Riley Magenta an Blue -Signed Print

Magenta Bridget Riley

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Alongside artists Victor Varseley and Richard Anusckiewicz, Bridget Riley is synonymous with the highly influential Op Art movement of the 1960s. Her optically provocative paintings have astounded onlookers for decades as her paintings leave a lasting influence on anyone who encounters them. Still creating at the age of 91, Riley has since experimented with a variety of media throughout her artistic career, yet has remained focused on painting and printmaking. Moving away from her iconic use of monochrome, the 1980s saw Riley adopt colour in her work, whilst maintaining the precision attitude to composition characteristic of her cutting-edge ‘60s œuvre. In this print series executed in 2002, entitled Magenta, Riley uses her infamous sinuously curved shapes, which had commenced years previous with Reve (1999).

Working exclusively in black and white until the late 1960s, Riley began to experiment with colour, starting with a very limited palette, in order to explore the relationships and nuances between different colours. Riley’s understanding of tone, light and colour came from her classical training in art: all the basics of art practice and representation underpin Riley’s abstract, non-representational works, maintaining a close connection with the long tradition of painting.

Riley’s titles never describe a contextual situation, and the titles given to works in the Magenta series are exemplar of this. Here, the titles merely describe the colour combinations so the works can stand on their own with their perceptual effects. Moreover.the works in the Magenta series are composed of two colours: magenta and a contrasting, equally vibrant hue. The shapes in each are identical, thus the focus is on the varying effects of differing tonal combinations on the viewer.

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