For The Love Of God (black) by Damien Hirst

For The Love Of God Damien Hirst

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Damien Hirst’s For the Love of God portfolio is a set of nine prints showing various two-dimensional reproductions of the artist’s very famous sculpture, For the Love of God (2007). The skull in each print is covered entirely with diamonds and set with a large stone in the centre of the forehead. 

Aside from For the Love of God Beyond Belief, every print in this series shows a hyperrealist, photographic representation of Hirst’s famous skull sculpture. This photographic style is typical of many of Hirst’s prints and editions. For the Love of God Beyond Belief is therefore unusual due to its highly expressive and uninhibited style, showing a pair of sketches of human skulls that emphasise the presence of the artist’s hand. Each of these prints show the skull sculpture set against a black, white or grey backdrop, producing a monochrome effect across the entire series.

The prints in this series show the sculpture with a large stone set in the centre of the skull forehead. This central stone was inspired by Hirst’s childhood memories of the comic 2000 AD. Hirst explains that the comic “used to have a character in it called Tharg the Mighty who had a circle on his forehead. He was like a kind of powerful God-like figure who controlled the universe…It kind of just looked like it needed something. A third eye; a connection to Jesus and his dad.”

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