Arcual is redefining the art world with next-gen digital infrastructure, offering bespoke solutions and blockchain integration for artists.

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About Arcual

Arcual is pioneering the future of the art world's digital infrastructure, developing cutting-edge, customisable digital solutions tailored specifically for the art industry. With a focus on empowering artists and enhancing the operations of galleries and art institutions, Arcual is setting new standards within the art ecosystem.

Their innovative product, Salesroom, offers a suite of digital tools designed to help galleries automate routine tasks and streamline their operational processes, thus allowing them to focus more on curation and promotion. Additionally, the Digital Dossier provides a secure and immutable platform for provenance, digital certificates of authenticity, and supporting documentation, all centralised in one accessible location.

Founded with a mission to place artists at the centre of the art ecosystem, Arcual uses blockchain technology to create a trusted space for information exchange, partnerships, and transactions. This technology ensures transparency, security, and greater participation for artists in managing their careers.

Backed by influential industry stakeholders such as the LUMA Foundation, MCH Group, and BCG X, Arcual is well-supported in its quest to innovate and transform the art market. This backing not only provides financial resources but also strategic and technical expertise, propelling Arcual to the forefront of digital innovation in the art world.

Discover live market data against your collection

Discover live market data against your collection

The only dedicated prints portfolio management system in the world. Add your collection to track value in real time.

Track demand on our trading floor

Track demand on our trading floor

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