Art Recognition

Art Recognition leverages advanced AI to provide rapid, accurate art authentication services, setting new standards in the art world.
Art Recognition

About Art Recognition

Art Recognition is revolutionising the art authentication process by harnessing the power of advanced artificial intelligence. As a global pioneer in AI-driven art verification, the company offers a cutting-edge, objective solution to the traditionally subjective and time-consuming challenge of authenticating artworks. Utilising proprietary AI technology, Art Recognition provides rapid, precise, and unbiased authentication services based solely on photographs of artworks.

Their AI system employs sophisticated machine learning and computer vision techniques, including Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) and Vision Transformers with Shifted Windows (SWIN), to analyze and categorize artworks as authentic or non-authentic. This technology captures an artist's unique characteristics, from brushstrokes to high-level compositional elements, ensuring each artwork's authenticity is assessed with the utmost accuracy.

Art Recognition's AI is robust, capable of detecting digital forgeries and trained on a vast in-house database of verified artworks and known forgeries, enhancing its discriminatory power. The process is streamlined and accessible: users simply upload a photo of their artwork to Art Recognition's secure platform, and within days, receive a detailed AI Authentication Report or Certificate, confirming the artwork's authenticity.

This innovative approach not only accelerates the authentication process but also makes it more accessible and cost-effective, establishing Art Recognition as a leader in the future of art verification.

Art Recognition

Adliswil, Zürich

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