Buchanan & Kiguel Fine Custom Picture Framing

Buchanan & Kiguel in VA provides expert custom framing and art restoration, with a vast selection of mouldings and museum-quality standards.
Buchanan & Kiguel Fine Custom Picture Framing

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About Buchanan & Kiguel Fine Custom Picture Framing

Buchanan & Kiguel Fine Custom Picture Framing stands out in the art preservation landscape with its rich legacy of nearly half a century, catering to a discerning clientele across Charlottesville, Orange, and Alexandria, Virginia. Unlike typical frame shops, Buchanan & Kiguel distinguishes itself as a sanctuary for expert framing specialists committed to elevating each piece with proper design techniques and unparalleled craftsmanship.

With over 2,000 different picture frame mouldings showcased in each of its galleries, the company prides itself on working closely with real people on genuine projects, ensuring that each framing solution not only preserves but enhances the art it encloses. Adhering to museum standards, Buchanan & Kiguel guarantees the longevity of your art, ensuring it can be appreciated by future generations.

The array of services offered by Buchanan & Kiguel is comprehensive, ranging from picture and painting restoration to the creation of custom-made frames, including luxurious options such as 22 Karat gold frames. Their expertise extends to specialized framing options like shadowbox and recess framing, conservation of paper art, and even the framing of memorabilia, showcasing a profound understanding of both aesthetic appeal and conservation needs. With a focus on selecting frames that compliment rather than compete with the art, Buchanan & Kiguel transforms ordinary spaces into elegant personal statements.

Buchanan & Kiguel Fine Custom Picture Framing

Alexandria, Virginia

+1 540-672-4572

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