Castelli Art Framing

Castelli Art Framing delivers unique art framing in LA with endless selections, rush orders, wholesale pricing, and meticulous craftsmanship.
Castelli Art Framing

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About Castelli Art Framing

Castelli Art Framing distinguishes itself in the Los Angeles art scene by offering an unparalleled custom framing experience, aptly named The Castelli Difference. This unique approach involves a comprehensive service that starts with the pickup of your artwork and concludes with the hand delivery of the finished piece, ensuring convenience and care at every step. The hallmark of Castelli's service is its unmatched attention to detail, quality craftsmanship, and the personalised selection process that caters to the specific needs and schedules of its clients, even accommodating rush orders with ease

Clients are treated to an extensive variety of frame options, meticulously chosen to perfectly complement each unique piece of art. From vintage posters and contemporary originals to fine art photography and painted canvases, Castelli frames each item with precision and care, custom cutting and even hand-painting and staining mouldings to achieve the desired outcome.

Recognised as the best resource for custom fine art framing in the Los Angeles art business, Castelli Art Framing ensures that every piece of art is instantly enhanced through their rigorous process, emphasizing quality, craft, and the kind of detailed attention that elevates the presentation of any artwork. This commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction is what truly sets The Castelli Difference apart in the art framing industry.

Castelli Art Framing

Los Angeles, California

+1 310-204-6830

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