Conservation Studio of Seattle

Conservation Studio of Seattle offers expert preservation for works on paper, providing treatments, consultations, and custom framing.
Conservation Studio of Seattle

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About Conservation Studio of Seattle

The Conservation Studio of Seattle, led by Emily Derse, a master’s degree holder in conservation, specialises in the preservation of historic and artistic works on paper. Catering to a diverse clientele including museums, historical societies, libraries, archives, and private collectors, the studio is adept at handling a wide array of materials such as prints, drawings, watercolours, architectural plans, wallpapers, and three-dimensional paper objects.

With a commitment to excellence, the studio offers services ranging from simple repairs to complex treatments and consultations. Utilising the highest preservation standards, their offerings include cleaning, washing to reduce stains, removal of old repairs or adhesives, mending of tears, lining for stability, and re-housing with preservation-quality materials. Additionally, they provide museum-quality framing and mounting to enhance and protect artworks, ensuring longevity and preventing future damage.

The studio's educational programs are designed for those responsible for artefact care, providing workshops and lectures on topics like printmaking, paper conservation, and print identification. They also conduct detailed condition surveys to help institutions develop preservation strategies, prioritise treatments, and secure grant funding. Emily Derse and her team’s meticulous approach ensures that each piece not only receives the best possible care but also continues to educate and inspire future conservation efforts.

Conservation Studio of Seattle

Freeland, Washington


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