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Designer Exchange is a luxury fashion business; a trusted source for buying and selling authenticated preloved designer items.
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About Designer Exchange

Born in the heart of Knightsbridge, Designer Exchange has evolved into a premier destination for accessible luxury fashion, offering an expansive collection of preloved womenswear, menswear, shoes, bags, and accessories. Each item is meticulously curated and authenticated by a team of in-house experts, ensuring a high-quality selection that caters to both seasoned collectors and fashion enthusiasts alike.

What distinguishes Designer Exchange is its commitment to creating a warm and welcoming shopping environment, where everyone is encouraged to buy, sell, or browse through an array of designer items. With both physical stores and an online platform, the company provides flexible shopping options that suit a variety of customer needs, enhancing the overall experience of engaging with luxury fashion.

A cornerstone of their service is the Double Lock Authentication process. This rigorous system combines advanced AI technology with the expertise of seasoned authenticators to ensure the authenticity of every item. Each purchase is accompanied by an Authentication card that traces the product's journey, from acquisition to sale, reinforcing trust and transparency in every transaction.

With a 99% accuracy rate in authenticating items and a money-back guarantee, Designer Exchange stands as a reliable resource for those looking to invest in the luxury market, promoting the growth and sustainability of the preloved fashion community.

Designer Exchange

Walthamstow, London

0161 819 5337

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