DK Conservators

DK Conservators in SA offers expert art conservation, including paper, books, and photographs, ensuring Dieter’s legacy continues.
DK Conservators

Dog Etching No. 3 © David Hockney 1988

About DK Conservators

DK Conservators, established in 2013 and based in South Africa, has evolved from a two-person operation into a highly skilled team, dedicated to the restoration, conservation, and consultation for a diverse clientele including art galleries, private collectors, institutions, and corporate entities. Despite the profound loss of co-founder Dieter to skin cancer in April 2023, the team remains committed to upholding the high standards and legacy he set, specialising in paper conservation and the creation of custom casings for artwork in all paper mediums.

The studio offers comprehensive services across several areas. For artworks on paper such as watercolours, pastels, and prints, they address common damages including stains and tears, employing techniques like de-acidification and in-painting. Their expertise extends to the restoration and repair of books and photographs, where they perform interventions from minimal repairs to complete rebinding and digital restoration, respectively.

DK Conservators also excels in creating archival custom enclosures to protect restored works, ensuring their longevity. Through detailed assessments, conservation reports, and consultations, they demonstrate a thorough and meticulous approach to preservation, embodying a legacy of excellence and dedication to the conservation of cultural heritage.

DK Conservators

Wynberg, Cape Town

+27 21 761 2599

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