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Foley Schalkx Conservation, at the art-science nexus, safeguards and restores art, driven by experienced conservators’ passion.
Foley Schalkx Conservation

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About Foley Schalkx Conservation

Foley Schalkx Conservation Ltd specialises in the conservation and restoration of modern and contemporary works of art on paper. The studio was set up by conservators Roo Foley and Maartje Schalkx in January 2017. Roo and Maartje have worked together for well over a decade and have extensive experience assessing and treating artworks for private collectors, galleries, art brokers and public institutions.

They may propose conservation treatment as part of a condition assessment or report. The aim of treatment and the purpose of each stage of treatment will be explained as part of the proposal. The focus of treatment can be to stabilise the condition of the work (i.e. slowing down or halting on-going deterioration) or to address visually distracting aspects. Often treatment focuses on a combination of concerns, and a treatment to stabilise a work may also improve its appearance. The principle of minimal intervention underlies Foley Schalkx' approach to treatment, and where possible they use techniques that are fully or partially reversible.

Treatment is usually carried out in their Leyton studio, but specific treatments may be undertaken on-site.

Foley Schalkx Conservation

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