Foley Schalkx Conservation

Foley Schalkx Conservation, at the art-science nexus, safeguards and restores art, driven by experienced conservators’ passion.

About Foley Schalkx Conservation

Foley Schalkx Conservation is a distinguished conservation studio based in the UK, renowned for its expertise in the preservation and restoration of paintings and contemporary artworks. At the intersection of art and science, the studio embodies a profound dedication to maintaining the integrity and enhancing the longevity of artworks from various periods and styles. Founders and leading conservators, whose namesake the studio proudly bears, bring together a rich blend of experience, technical proficiency, and a deep appreciation for the artistic and historical significance of each piece they undertake.

The studio's service repertoire encompasses a comprehensive array of conservation and restoration techniques, tailored to meet the unique challenges presented by each artwork. Specializing in paintings, Foley Schalkx Conservation employs a meticulous approach that balances aesthetic considerations with structural and material integrity. From cleaning and varnish removal to tear repair and inpainting, every procedure is executed with the utmost care and precision, employing the latest in conservation science and technology.

What sets Foley Schalkx Conservation apart is its adaptability to the evolving landscape of contemporary art conservation. The studio is adept at navigating the complexities of modern and mixed-media artworks, which often incorporate unconventional materials and require innovative preservation strategies. This forward-thinking approach ensures that contemporary artworks are not only restored but are also prepared to withstand the test of time.

Foley Schalkx Conservation

Waltham Forest, London

+44 (0)7989 695882

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