Kala Conservation

Kala Conservation, led by Jennifer Parson, excels in art on paper conservation, with a focus on preserving Asian art’s heritage.
Kala Conservation

Image © Kala Conservation 2024

About Kala Conservation

Kala Conservation embodies the essence of art preservation, drawing its name from the rich Sanskrit language to encapsulate both the beauty of art (kalaa) and the essence of time (kaala). This profound naming reflects the studio’s dedication to safeguarding art across epochs, a mission passionately pursued under the guidance of Jennifer Parson, the esteemed proprietor and conservator.

Jennifer Parson’s approach to paper conservation is both knowledgeable and skillful, honed through extensive experience garnered at several premier West Coast museums. Armed with an MA in Art History and an Advanced Certificate in Conservation from the Institute of Fine Arts at New York University, her resume boasts prestigious internships and positions, including her role as a Mellon Fellow at the Balboa Art Conservation Center and her contributions at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Parson’s specialization in the conservation of Asian art, particularly South Asian paintings, further distinguishes Kala Conservation. Her tenure at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco has been marked by significant achievements, such as the treatment of a 12th century Tibetan thangka, showcasing her deep commitment to preserving the intricate beauty and historical significance of Asian art. As a Professional Associate member of the American Institute for Conservation, Parson and Kala Conservation stand as vital guardians of art’s enduring legacy.

Kala Conservation

Berkeley, California

+1 720-451-9320

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