Monroe Street Framing

Monroe Street Framing in Madison, WI, offers bespoke framing, restoration, and art installation, plus corporate curation services.
Monroe Street Framing

About Monroe Street Framing

Monroe Street Framing emerges as Madison, Wisconsin's leading frame shop, renowned for its comprehensive range of custom framing and art services tailored to both individual and corporate clients. This premier destination specialises in a bespoke framing process that meticulously matches frames, matting, mounting, and glass to enhance the unique character of each piece, be it a poster, painting, memorabilia, or a treasured family heirloom. The shop’s expertise extends to crafting shadow boxes, custom-made pedestals, and display cases for three-dimensional objects, ensuring that if you can imagine it, they can frame it.

Beyond the art of framing, Monroe Street Framing offers expert consultation and professional artwork installation services. Their skilled staff advises on optimal artwork placement, arranges groupings, and ensures pieces are securely and aesthetically installed within your space. This dedication to excellence is complemented by convenient pick-up and delivery options, particularly beneficial for managing larger or multiple artworks, alongside shipping services to accommodate clients’ diverse needs.

Whether you’re seeking to preserve a piece of history, showcase a contemporary work, or curate a corporate collection, Monroe Street Framing stands ready to elevate your experience with unmatched craftsmanship, attention to detail, and a passion for bringing art to life in its fullest expression.

Monroe Street Framing

Madison, Wisconsin

+1 608-255-7330

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