Prism Specialties of Central Florida

Prism Specialties offers expert restoration for art, electronics, textiles, and documents, reviving treasures after disasters.
Prism Specialties of Central Florida

About Prism Specialties of Central Florida

Prism Specialties of Central Florida stands at the forefront of specialty restoration, providing unparalleled expertise in salvaging and restoring valuable items following natural disasters and unforeseen damages. With over 25 years of dedicated service, Prism Specialties has become a trusted partner for individuals and businesses alike, delivering rapid recovery solutions that span residential and commercial needs. Their unique ability to restore items often considered total losses by others underscores their position as industry leaders.

Prism Specialties’ comprehensive services extend across electronics, art, textiles, and documents, ensuring that everything from kitchen appliances and industrial machinery to cherished artworks and heirlooms is meticulously recovered and restored. Their art and collectible restoration services are particularly noteworthy, offering specialised care for a wide range of items, including paintings, sculptures, sports memorabilia, and musical instruments. From cleaning and repairing art to preserving its historical and sentimental value, Prism Specialties excels in breathing new life into damaged treasures.

Their commitment to preservation is about more than just the physical restoration of items; it's about safeguarding the memories and emotions they embody. With Prism Specialties, every restoration project is an opportunity to protect the irreplaceable, ensuring that cherished possessions can be enjoyed by future generations.

Prism Specialties of Central Florida

Tampa, Florida

+1 813-513-0525

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