Reflaunt propels the fashion industry towards sustainability by integrating circular models into brands, enhancing resale growth.
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About Reflaunt

Reflaunt is at the forefront of driving the fashion industry towards a more sustainable and circular future. By enabling a seamless transition into circular fashion models, Reflaunt helps brands and retailers ignite growth and extend the lifecycle of fashion products. This innovative approach not only supports environmental sustainability but also taps into the growing market of second-hand shoppers.

Partnering with prestigious brands like Balenciaga and retail giants such as Saks and Yoox, Reflaunt integrates technology that allows customers to effortlessly resell their past purchases directly through brand platforms. This system encourages repeat purchases by converting resale transactions into credits for new items, effectively keeping the fashion cycle active and engaging. With Reflaunt's assistance, brands can grow their resale distribution with a highly curated inventory, appealing to an audience of 250 million second-hand shoppers worldwide.

Reflaunt’s modular technology solution is designed to match each brand’s identity and ambitions, creating bespoke circular ecosystems that not only meet contemporary consumer demands but also contribute to a sustainable fashion industry. By converting 85% of resale purchases back into new sales, Reflaunt demonstrates the tangible benefits of a circular economy, paving the way for a more sustainable and profitable fashion industry.



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