The Modern House

The Modern House is a UK estate agency focused on design-led homes, promoting good design as a force for positive change.
The Modern House

Image © The Modern House 2024

About The Modern House

The Modern House stands out as a pioneering estate agency rooted in the principles of modernism, dedicated to showcasing design-led homes throughout the UK. This unique agency goes beyond mere property transactions to promote a philosophy where good design serves as a catalyst for better living. Their portfolio celebrates properties that exemplify exceptional attention to space, light, materials, nature, and thoughtful decoration, ensuring each home enriches the lives of its inhabitants.

Recognised for its innovative approach, The Modern House has been lauded by Esquire for “rewriting the rulebook on estate agency” and named by GQ as “one of the best things in the world”. Their commitment to aesthetics is matched by a rigorous standard of social and environmental responsibility, earning them the distinction of being a Certified B Corporation. This certification places them among a global community of businesses that balance profit with purpose, striving to benefit both society and the environment. Through their work, The Modern House does more than sell homes; they advocate for a lifestyle deeply integrated with superior, mindful design.

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