XC Art Restoration Inc

XC Art Restoration specialises in conserving fine art and objects, guided by founders Kostas Xenarios and Helen Chialtas in Toronto.
XC Art Restoration Inc

Brushstroke © Roy Lichtenstein 1965

About XC Art Restoration Inc

XC Art Restoration Inc., rooted in Toronto, Canada, stands as a distinguished provider of art conservation and restoration services, merging decades of expertise with a deep commitment to preserving cultural heritage. Founded by the accomplished Kostas Xenarios and Helen Chialtas, this esteemed studio offers a sanctuary for artworks and objects in need of meticulous care and revitalisation. With over forty years of experience, including significant contributions to the Greek Ministry of Culture and the Royal Ontario Museum, Kostas brings a rich legacy of conservation practice to North America. His co-founder, Helen Chialtas, adds to the studio's depth with her extensive background in art history and preservation framing.

Specialising in the conservation treatment of art on paper and a wide array of objects, XC Art Restoration is guided by the principle that the essence of conservation lies in the preservation of authenticity and integrity over mere aesthetic enhancement. This philosophy aligns with modern conservation ethics, prioritizing the longevity and historical accuracy of each piece.

The team, including Helen Frangos, a skilled conservator of sculptures and figurines, operates under the International Conservation Code of Ethics, ensuring every project—from Byzantine frescos to contemporary artworks—receives the highest level of professionalism and care. XC Art Restoration’s dedication to the meticulous restoration, supported by rigorous technical examination and ethical practices, makes it a beacon of excellence in the conservation community.

XC Art Restoration Inc

Toronto, Ontario

+1 416-482-3133

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