What We’ve Learned: Banksy’s Q2 2022 in Numbers

Kate Moss (purple) by BanksyKate Moss (purple) © Banksy, 2005
Joe Syer

Joe Syer, Co-Founder & Specialist[email protected]

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As his popularity and commercial success continue to grow, it comes as no surprise that Banksy is the best-performing and leading artist in the contemporary prints and multiples market. In this article, we take a look at some of Banksy’s most staggering market results and give you our specialist insight into the numbers that make Banksy, Banksy.

The second quarter of 2022 has confirmed the trends predicted at the start of 2022. While sales are commencing to correction following the boom enjoyed by the market in late 2020, Banksy’s print market remains the strongest to date and promises secure financial returns to collectors.

UK£ Total Banksy Print Sales at Auction, quarterly 2017-2022 (signed v unsigned)UK£ Total Banksy Print Sales at Auction, quarterly 2017-2022 (signed v unsigned)

£12.8 million of Banksy prints have been sold just in the first two quarters of 2022, with £6.5 million worth of prints being sold in the last three months. Banksy prints have accounted for over 60% of the contemporary prints and multiples market, effectively securing Banksy the monopoly of this segment of the art market.

Sales of Banksy prints are up 449.4% from Q2 2020 and 581.5% from Q2 2019, confirming the steady growth that the Banksy market is continuing to enjoy. Banksy’s prints also dominate the contemporary print sector at auction, where his works continue to achieve whopping prices – the latest being an Artist Proof of his Girl With Balloon (Pink), sold at Phillips in April for £403,200.

In our newest report, we hear from Banksy buyers, sellers and specialists to answer all your questions on Banksy’s Q2 market performance. We also compare the Bristolian artist’s success with that enjoyed by the father of contemporary prints, Andy Warhol. Read more to find out, will Banksy be the Andy Warhol of the 21st century?