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Specialising in creating technologies in the art market to help inform collectors and investors in their journeys - we look to bring transparency to the art market through data on accessible tech platforms. Empowering others in our industry doing the same.

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"The potential for further innovation and integration of technology in the art market remains vast and largely untapped. MyArtBroker is ideally positioned at this intersection, as a platform which has always prioritised technological innovation to serve our collectors - over the bricks and mortar traditionalism of the historic art market. We continue to champion a future where art collection and investment is informed by precision, transparency, and cutting-edge technology."

Charlotte Stewart, Managing Director, MyArtBroker

Art + Tech

Building The Next Generation of Digital Infrastructure For The Art World

In an era where the intersection of art and technology is increasingly significant, Charlotte Stewart's discussion with Bernadine Bröcker Wieder, CEO of Arcual, offers profound insights into the digital transformation reshaping the art market. Arcual, at the vanguard of this change, is pioneering solutions that promise to streamline and secure the art transaction process, making it a beacon for the future of art commerce.

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