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Andy Warhol: Apple (F. & S. II.359) - Signed Print

Apple (F. & S. II.359)
Signed Print

Andy Warhol


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Screenprint, 1985
Signed Print Edition of 190
H 56cm x W 56cm

Critical Review

Apple (F. & S. II.359) is part of the highly collectible Ads series, produced by Warhol in 1985, two years before his death. The inspiration for this series can be traced back to Warhol’s early career as a commercial illustrator in New York in the 1950s. Known as the father of Pop Art, Andy Warhol was an icon of the 20th century and his name is considered synonymous with mass consumerism, a theme that runs through the Ads series and is clearly evident in this print.

The vivid colours in this print reflect Warhol’s celebration of American consumer culture and his transformation of the everyday into art, which led to a blurring of the boundaries between high and low culture. Indeed, this print is emblematic of how Warhol turned mass media imagery into art. The bold colour in this print, achieved by multiple screens and a layering of paint, is accompanied by gestural lines, delineating the Apple logo. This looser style marks an evolution in Warhol’s work away from the mechanical precision of Warhol’s earlier works, such as the Campbell’s soup series.

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