Van Heusen (Ronald Reagan) (F. & S. II.356)

Van Heusen (Ronald Reagan) (F. & S. II.356)
Signed Print

Andy Warhol

Screenprint, 1985
Signed Print Edition of 190
H 96cm x W 96cm

Critical Review

The print is based on an advert from 1953 that the American politician did for Van Heusen shirts. Warhol was fascinated by consumerism and often produced prints of everyday consumer objects like Campbell’s Soup cans or high heel shoes. This print belongs to Warhol’s Ads series which the artist produced two years before his death in 1987. In this collection of ten prints, Warhol takes popular adverts from the 1950s and memorialises them by reproducing them using his Pop Art aesthetic.

Mass consumerism is a theme that runs through this print and the others in the Ads series. Warhol’s ability to take popular adverts and turn them into works of fine art captures how the artist was constantly questioning the value of art and what could be considered ‘fine art’ or ‘high culture’.