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Electric Chair (F. & S. II.74)

Electric Chair (F. & S. II.74)
Signed Print

Andy Warhol

Screenprint, 1971
Signed Print Edition of 250
H 90cm x W 122cm

Critical Review

Retaining the graininess and immediacy of the mass media image upon which Electric Chair (F. & S. II. 74) is based, Warhol also maintains an element of the handmade by creating imperfections and colour variations across the series. Warhol reproduces this sinister image repeatedly across the entire series to point to the way that mass media images work to desensitise the masses into accepting tragedy and death into their everyday lives.

Devoid of all human presence, Electric Chair (F. & S. II. 74) explicitly deals with the subject of death, enlarging and elevating it to the realm of high art so as to confront the viewer to relive the event. Playing on ideas of public spectacle, Warhol simultaneously repels and excites the viewer with this stark image.

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