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A close-up of a human face, a self portrait by artist Bob Dylan. The colour palette includes oranges, greys and purples.Self Portrait © Bob Dylan 1970
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Bob Dylan is a cultural icon whose influence transcends far beyond his enduring impact on music. He has been appreciated in various fields of art, famously winning a Nobel Prize for Literature in 2016. Though he is best known for his contributions to music, Dylan also has an expansive output of visual art - which equally captures the artist’s experiences and interests.

Who Is Bob Dylan?

Born Robert Allen Zimmerman in 1941, Dylan emerged as a leading figure in the counterculture movement of the 1960s, playing a significant role in the civil rights and anti-war movements. Globally recognised as an immensely influential musician, his timeless anthems include “Blowin in the Wind’’, “Like a Rolling Stone’’ and “The Times They Are a-Changin',’’ which have captured the hearts of generations. Perhaps lesser known, Dylan has also excelled as a visual artist in addition to his musical genius, creating a fascinating body of work steadily gaining appreciation and value. Dylan's ability to communicate in diverse creative mediums has captured the imagination of collectors, fans and art enthusiasts worldwide.

“I’m pretty much interested in people, histories, myth, and portraits; people of all stripes.’’
Bob Dylan
A picture of four old men hanging out and chatting on the ocean boardwalk with a pier in the background. Three sitting on a wooden and metal bench facing the ocean and one standing facing the viewer.Image © Bob Dylan Art / Old Guys At The Beach © Bob Dylan 2020

The Artistic Career of Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan's visual arts journey began in the early 1960s when he began designing album covers for his own records, including Self Portrait in 1970. However, it was only in the 1990s that he became more serious about his visual art practice, creating paintings and drawings that showcased his distinct style. His works often depict landscapes, portraits, and still lives that reflect his travels and personal experiences. His talent and expressiveness, alongside his mass appeal as a global music idol, have led to acclaim for his work, celebrated in exhibitions, renowned galleries, and museums. This transformative shift allowed audiences to encounter Bob Dylan in a refreshingly unique and captivating way, leaving a new impression on hearts and minds.

Why Invest In Bob Dylan?

Bob Dylan's prints and editions are highly sought-after by collectors for their unique artistic and cultural value and their potential for appreciation. As a legendary musician, Nobel Prize winner and accomplished artist, Dylan's work holds significant cultural and historical importance that has the impression to appreciate over time. Investing in his art offers financial benefits and provides a deep connection to a creative icon and the ability to own a piece of contemporary art and musical history.

Over the years, Bob Dylan's art has evolved, demonstrating his versatility as an artist. While his early works were predominantly sketches and drawings, these later developed into more elaborate paintings and mixed-media pieces infused with emotion. Dylan's artistic style is marked by its bold colours, expressive lines and acute attention to detail, works that have been compared favourably to David Hockney. He is also an experimental artist, having worked with various media, including watercolour, acrylic, and iron sculptures. Dylan's art is a captivating and continuously evolving journey destined to gain value and appreciation as time unfolds.



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Tips For Building A Bob Dylan Print Collection

When building a Bob Dylan print collection, it is essential to research the history of his prints to better understand its themes and motifs and how these may fit into the market. Seeking advice from experienced collectors and art consultants who specialise in Bob Dylan's work will enable you to make informed decisions about which artworks may give you a better return. Attending exhibitions, gallery openings, and auction previews can help you learn more about the artist and his prints while networking with other collectors. Being patient and strategic is key, focusing on acquiring high-quality pieces that will hold their value and enhance your collection. Keeping yourself informed about market trends, upcoming exhibitions, and new releases will help you stay ahead and make the best investments.

You might wish to consider diversifying your holdings by acquiring works from different periods of Dylan’s artistic career and art in various styles and media. This approach not only creates a more visually interesting collection but also reduces risk by spreading your investment across a broader range of works.

As your collection grows, you should also consider working with a portfolio management service to help you keep track of your collection and make informed decisions about future purchases. Our service MyPortfolio is the only print market index in the world that helps to maintain data, of your collection, in one place, serving as a collections management tool. MyPortfolio also lets you stay updated on art market fluctuations allowing you to track the value of your collection in real-time.

A landscape by artist Bob Dylan. This one depicts a favela in Brazil through fluid brushstrokes. The colour palette is largely composed of oranges and greens.Image © Bob Dylan Art / Favela Villa Broncos © Bob Dylan 2010

How to Determine The Value Of Bob Dylan Prints & Editions

Bob Dylan’s art is known to fetch high prices at auction, with his record work achieving over £84,000. Like most artworks, determining the value of Dylan's prints and editions requires assessing the work's rarity, edition size, availability and exclusivity within the market. The value will often depend on the print's condition and the quality of its provenance, including ownership history, exhibition records, and documentation confirming authenticity. Conducting research will provide a general understanding of the work's value and compare recent sale prices for similar works to identify market trends and fluctuations. Lastly, considering the historical and cultural significance of the print may contribute to its overall value.

Valuing an artwork of this calibre can be challenging, and unless you possess insider knowledge or expertise, it is suggested to seek the help of a specialist. You can request a free, no-obligation valuation from us here.

A photographic image of Bob Dyaln wearing yellow gloves and a hardhat working in the studio on a meatl sculpture.Image © Bob Dylan Art

What Are Some Of Bob Dylan’s Most Popular Prints?

Bob Dylan is a prolific artist whose artworks seem poised to appreciate strongly over time. Some of his most popular prints include:

  1. Train Tracks: This four-part series from 2008 captures the spirit of a classic Americana landscape, evoking a sense of nostalgia through train tracks. The originals sold for £40,000 at auction.
  2. Drawn Blank: From 1994, this series of sketches marked the first time Dylan’s works were presented in this format to the general public. Originally released in book form, and were instantly appealing to collectors and have remained popular since.
  3. Deep Focus: This latest series from 2021 showcases Dylan's ambitious artistic development. The paintings are richly detailed yet seamlessly blend impressionist brushstrokes. Drawing inspiration from iconic movie scenes of the 1970s and 1980s, Dylan's credentials illuminate the captivating crossroads of cinema, music, and painting.
 A landscape by artist Bob Dylan. This one depicts a city built around some train tracks, with the colour green dominating the colour palette.Image © Bob Dylan Art / Train Tracks (Green) © Bob Dylan 2010

How To Authenticate Bob Dylan Prints & Editions

The authenticity of your Bob Dylan print is paramount when buying for investment. Authenticating Dylan prints and editions involves an examination of signature, edition number, and embossed stamps or seals. You should consult experts in the artist’s work to confirm the print's authenticity. Ideally, you should receive a certificate of authenticity (COA) from the seller, which can provide information about the print’s origin, edition, and production details. It is also useful to compare the print with other known authentic works by Dylan, checking for consistency in style, technique, and quality.

To ensure the acquisition of a genuine Bob Dylan print, it is highly recommended to procure it from a reputable art dealer, auction house, or trusted online platform like MyArtBroker. These established entities possess the expertise and resources to authenticate and diligently offer artworks from this iconic artist. When purchasing through MyArtBroker, our dedicated team can assist you in the authentication process, providing added confidence in your print's authenticity.

A cropped image of a trafficked Manhattan New York street at sunset with skyscrappers on both sides.Image © Bob Dylan Art / Manhattanhenge © Bob Dylan 2020

How Do You Check The Condition Of A Bob Dylan Print?

Checking the condition of a Bob Dylan print requires thoroughly inspecting the work for signs of damage, such as tears, creases or stains, that could impact its value. It is essential to check for any discolouration or fading that may have been caused by exposure to sunlight or moisture, as these factors can affect the print's longevity and appearance. If possible, ask to see the print outside its frame so that you can inspect it more closely. If you have any questions, request a condition report from a professional.

The most important thing you can do for your print is to ensure that it has been stored and displayed properly, using archival materials and UV-protective glass to minimise potential damage. Prints can be fragile and susceptible to damage, so we have compiled a guide to maintain and restore your artwork. It is also important that you maintain the conditions of your print with regular assessments by professional conservators to identify any potential issues. You should promptly address any signs of wear or damage to prevent further deterioration and preserve its value and integrity.

A painting by artist Bob Dylan, depicting a man smoking a cigarette while leaning against an old-school green car.Image © Bob Dylan Art / Rainy Night In Grand Forks © Bob Dylan 2021

Where Can I Buy A Bob Dylan Print In 2023?

Bob Dylan’s work is available via galleries, art fairs and online marketplaces. You should work with a reputable art dealer or online broker specialising in contemporary art and prints – such as MyArtBroker. Some online platforms may allow you to buy directly from a private collector at a lower price. However, purchasing without expert advice also increases the risk of purchasing forgeries or falling victim to scams. Therefore, you must ensure any website you purchase is reliable, closely examining reviews, terms and conditions, pricing and policies.

Auction houses such as Christie’s or Sotheby’s have long been a traditional means for purchasing works by accredited artists. Thanks to their discerning knowledge, they can advise on authenticity and provenance and carry out a professional condition report. However, auctions only occur at preset dates, and their dynamic format means that the prices cannot be fixed, often going for several times their estimated range during bidding. There are also additional buyer’s fees, which can be as high as 27%. An auction house additionally charges for packing and transportation.

MyArtBroker is the ideal combination of the two: we offer the convenience of buying online and the confidence that comes with purchasing work reviewed by experts with auction house backgrounds. We deal with your purchase at every step of the way, from sourcing to shipping, so you can be certain you have received the best possible terms with your art. Read more about purchasing art with MyArtBroker in our 2023 investment guide.

Alt-text: A painting by artist Bob Dylan, depicting two women laughing together in a bed.Image © Bob Dylan Art / Two Sisters © Bob Dylan 2008

Why Use MyArtBroker To Find Your First Bob Dylan?

A Dedicated Broker

MyArtBroker is a specialist art brokerage service that can provide guidance on building a collection and help you source prints from trusted sources. When working with MyArtBroker and our large network of collectors looking to buy and sell art, you will be assigned your own personal broker who will work with you to find the piece you are looking for at the price you are willing to pay. Our experts will also condition check and authenticate artworks, so you can have confidence before you buy. We also help arrange delivery so that it is one less thing for you to worry about. Read our article on how to finance your collection today!

Our Network

Our global network consists of over 30,000 collectors buying and selling works daily on our Trading Floor, giving you real-time access to our market data. We also work closely with collectors, galleries and independent experts globally to ensure we only offer authentic Bob Dylan works in good condition. Our website has 75,000 visitors every month, and we keep them informed with new works, auction results and news. We regularly publish informative guides on artist biographies, track the artist’s market performance and analyse artistic careers, styles and techniques, free at Edition Magazine.

MyArtBroker has access to a worldwide network of collectors selling Dylan’s artworks, so contact us today if you are interested in buying a Dylan print, and we will guide you through the process.

Collecting Bob Dylan Prints with MyArtBroker

At MyArtBroker, our goal is to simplify the process of purchasing prints. By providing you with real-time market data, we can offer blue-chip market transparency at a level that has not been seen before. We also offer a range of services that can be helpful for collectors at all levels, including valuations and portfolio management via MyPortfolio. Our experts have done their due diligence so that, when working with MyArtBroker, you can be confident that you are getting high-quality work that is authentic and in good condition.

Leah Mentzis

Leah Mentzis, Partnerships Manager[email protected]

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