Signed Print

Damien Hirst

Aquatint, 2007
Signed Print Edition of 75
H 84cm x W 114cm

Critical Review

While the spot prints all appear similar in design and formation, they are each unique due to their individual colour combinations. Ellipticine reflects how Hirst challenges the dichotomy between random and methodical, as the seemingly haphazard colour arrangement has a calculated edge to it. The Spots series is an iconic and acclaimed series and the prints have become universally recognised, to the point where spots en-masse are synonymous with the artist.

The Spots series dates back to 1986, when Hirst hand-painted some loose Spots on board. This was followed by his first Spot work on canvas Untitled (with Black Dot) in 1988. Ellipticine represents how Hirst has developed his fascination with and use of spots and adopted the shapes to become part of his visual language. Interestingly, originally Hirst hand-painted the Spots himself, however, as his career evolved, he began to employ assistants to create his Spot works, bringing a factory-like approach to his artistic practice.

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