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Damien Hirst: Cephalothin - Signed Print

Signed Print

Damien Hirst


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Etching, 2007
Signed Print Edition of 75
H 100cm x W 88cm

Critical Review

The methodical arrangement of spots into a tightly knit mesh, creates a composition that is bright and buzzing. The colour and arrangement appear to be seemingly random and with infinite possibilities in their display. What is notably different about this arrangement is the way in which the spots are composed in a circle, as opposed to a grid. This is indicative of the way in which Hirst explores this theme to its absolute limits, with a plethora of compositional possibilities.

Fascinated by intuitive colour choice from his days at Goldsmiths, Hirst claims that the spot paintings have removed any problems he previously had with colour, allowing him to present a perfect arrangement of colour that is never repeated. Indeed, the Spots paintings represent abstraction reduced to its most basic mechanisms: colour, form and composition. This exploration of abstraction is distinctly Hirstian.

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