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Ultimate Surrealist Salvador Dali’s work spans painting, sculpture, and performance, blurring the boundaries between art and life, reality and dream. Working across painting, sculpture, film, photography and even fiction and poetry, Dali was known for both his artwork and his raucous public persona. A controversial figure both during and after his lifetime, Dali is a name synonymous with the bizarre and the dramatic in art history.

Portrait de Paul Eluard by Salvador Dalí

image © Sotheby's / Portrait de Paul Eluard © Salvador Dalí 1929

1. £13.5M for Salvador Dali's Portrait De Paul Eluard

Sold for nearly £13.5 million at Sotheby’s London on 10th February 2011, Portrait De Paul Eluard is the most expensive Dali painting ever sold.

Dali met Surrealist poet Eluard in 1929 while staying in Paris. It was the year in which Dali truly immersed himself with French Surrealism and the movement itself - this same year he worked on the now iconic film Un Chien Andalou. His relationship with Eluard was hugely influential, not least because Dali ended up marrying Eluard’s then-wife Gala. Indeed, this portrait visually unites Dali’s real life experience with the subconscious, psychological and imaginative. It is the pinnacle of surrealist portraiture.

Printemps Necrophilique by Salvador Dalí

image © Sotheby's / Printemps Necrophilique © Salvador Dalí 1936

2. £10.1M for Salvador Dali's Printemps Necrophilique

One of Dali’s more overtly unsettling works, Printemps Necrophilique is a later example of the artist’s merging of dream, memory and subconscious. Two figures, a seated man and a flower headed woman occupy a hallucinatory, sparse desert landscape. Potentially reminiscent of his Catalonian youth, and definitely an example of his newly matured Surrealist painterly style, this work sold for just over £10 million at Sotheby’s New York on May 2nd 2012.

Couple Aux Tête Pleines De Nuages by Salvador Dalí

image © Bonham's / Couple Aux Tête Pleines De Nuages © Salvador Dalí 1936

3. £8.2M for Salvador Dali's Couple With Their Heads Full Of Clouds

Inspired by the compositions of painter Jean Francoise Millet, there is a real sense of intimacy to Couple With Their Heads Full Of Clouds, achieved through the contours of the frames themselves depicting Dali and his wife Gala.The paintings themselves then lean in towards each other, completing a desert scene occupied by two white-clothed tables. Of course, the ‘heads’ of the image are filled with clouds and an expanse of blue sky.

This diptych sold for nearly £8.2 million at Bonhams London on October 15th 2020, and originally was given by the artist to Paul Eluard as a wedding present. An interesting exchange when one considers Gala was originally wed to Eluard, but then again, the surrealist’s never did concern themselves with conventional interactions did they?

L'Angelus by Salvador Dalí

image © Sotheby's / L'Angelus © Salvador Dalí 1935