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Rashid Johnson, born in 1977 in Chicago, was initially introduced to the art world through photography, positioning himself as a rising talent through his Seeing In The Dark series. Graduating from Columbia College in Chicago and then the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, his education played a crucial role in moulding his multidisciplinary approach. Over the years, Johnson's artistry has incorporated diverse elements such as wax, wood, soap, shea butter, and even plants.

His works, often described as post-black, navigate the space between art, society, and personal identity. Notable pieces found in his acclaimed Anxious Men series resonate deeply with audiences, offering glimpses into the intricacies of the black experience in America; while at the same time, they highlight a universal experience from which no one is exempt. Through each creation, Johnson seeks to invoke introspection, challenging viewers to confront their biases, hopes, and anxieties.

Johnson, through his participation in the 2001 Freestyle exhibition at the Studio Museum in Harlem, marked his entry into the contemporary art scene as its youngest contributor. The significance of Johnson's work in this exhibition lies in its raw honesty and the questions it posed about identity, society, and representation. His photographs served as a bridge between traditional forms of art and a more experimental, diverse approach. Today, Johnson is celebrated for his multifaceted exploration of mediums, from painting and sculpture to film.

Beyond his undeniable talent, Johnson's resilience and commitment to evolving his craft stands as a testament to his influence. Over the years, he has continued to push the boundaries of what art can express, seamlessly weaving in personal experiences with broader social commentaries. His courage to challenge conventional narratives and to invite introspection has made him not just an artist, but a vital voice in contemporary dialogues about race, culture, and self-expression.

An artwork by Rashid Johnson on an unprimed canvas featuring a grid-like arrangement of white, scribbled faces.

Image © Christie's / Surrender Painting Sunshine © Rashid Johnson 2022

1. £2.5M for Rashid Johnson's Surrender Painting Sunshine

Johnson's exploration of black identities permeates his practice, evident in evolving artworks defining his oeuvre. Surrender Painting Sunshine (2022) stands out within his Surrender series, evolving from earlier Anxious Men works. Distinguished by sinuous white patterns resembling ghostly faces, it commands attention with its grand scale, evoking the sun's radiant glow. Johnson's conceptual depth shines through deliberate repetition, each painted block possessing unique characteristics. Auctioned in 2022 to benefit the Right of Return Fellowship, it broke auction records for the artist, selling for £2.5 million with fees, marking a significant milestone in Johnson's artistic journey.

Rashid Johnson's canvas artwork, displaying abstract faces in a grid formation, painted with various shades of blue on a white canvas.

Image © Christie's / Bruise Painting “Or Down You Fall’’ © Rashid Johnson 2021

2. £1.9M for Rashid Johnson's Bruise Painting "Or Down You Fall"

Continuing Johnson's Anxious Men series, Or Down You Fall (2021) seamlessly integrates into the broader Bruise paintings, which delve into societal and political consciousness. These artworks feature the recurring motif of the “anxious man” against a white canvas, rendered in varying shades of blue. Each melancholic face captures individual experiences of black trauma in a post-colonial context, conveying nuanced emotions through bold brushstrokes. Johnson's fulfillment in creating these pieces stems from their unfiltered honesty, resonating deeply with viewers. This large-scale canvas, one of two Bruise paintings in the secondary market, achieved £1.8 million with fees at Christie's 21st Century evening sale.

 A Rashid Johnson piece featuring a figure with strong shoulders and a box-like face defined by black and orange tiles. It contrasts against a vibrant backdrop created through an abstract composition of multicoloured tiles.

Image © Phillips / Standing Broken Men © Rashid Johnson 2020

3. £1.4M for Rashid Johnson's Standing Broken Men

Standing Broken Man (2020) employs an array of ceramic tiles, featuring Johnson's signature box face motif amidst a burst of vibrant colours. Unlike the singular hues of his Anxious Men series, this artwork radiates intensity through its intricate material composition. Black soap and wax, traditional materials rich in black diasporic associations, add depth to its narrative, resembling a shattered mirror symbolising fragmented identities. Despite its shattered portrayal, Standing Broken Man exudes unity as the tiles harmoniously converge. Realising £1.4 million with fees at Phillips in November 2022, it underscores the value of Johnson's diverse series.

Bruise Painting “Picture Maker” by Rashid Johnson - MyArtBroker

Bruise Painting “Picture Maker” © Rashid Johnson 2021