Discover art for sale. Buy and sell prints & editions online by Chris Levine. Fascinated with the perception of light and the role it plays in our experience of the world, Levine is an extraordinary artist, perhaps best known for his portrait of the Queen.

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Best known for his 2004 portrait of the Queen, Chris Levine’s portraits are unique in their combined use of light and photography. His work is executed in a number of mediums, including photography, lazer and hologram; he is best known for his 2004 photographic portrait of The Queen titled Lightness of Being. Working across multiple disciplines Levine seeks to use light and meditation to explore an ‘expanded state of perception and awareness’ creating environments or capturing subjects on a different plane.

Lightness Of Being by Chris Levine

Image © Sotheby's / Lightness Of Being © Chris Levine 2004

1. £187,500 for Chris Levine's Lightness Of Being (2004)

A photographic ‘outtake’ and part of a larger-scale holographic depiction of Queen Elizabeth II, Lightness Of Being (2004) realised £187,500 at auction in April 2017, more than doubling its pre-sale estimate of £50,000-£70,000. This sale, which took place at Sotheby’s auction house in London, made the work the most expensive piece by UK-based Chris Levine to-date.

Working in an interdisciplinary fashion, Levine is well-known for harnessing the many representational powers of light. In this piece, Levine portrays the Queen – an iconic ‘image’ in her own right – with her eyes closed in a moment of pause and reflection.

Lightness Of Being (Pink) by Chris Levine

Image © Sotheby's / Lightness Of Being (Pink) © Chris Levine 2015

2. £150,000 for Chris Levine's Lightness Of Being (Pink)

The second-most expensive work by UK-based light-based artist Chris Levine, Lightness Of Being (Pink) is one of a number to depict Queen Elizabeth II. An ‘outtake’ from a larger-scale hologram-based work first completed by Levine in 2004, in September 2018 the piece realised £150,000 at Sotheby’s auction house, London. A silkscreen print complete with hand applied Swarovski crystals, the work smashed the upper-bound of its pre-sale estimate by £50,000 and depicts the monarch with her eyes closed; a vision of pause and tranquillity. The work reflects Levine’s keen interest in Tibetan Buddhism and meditation.

Lightness Of Being by Chris Levine

Image © Sotheby's / Lightness Of Being © Chris Levine 2008

3. £119,700 for Chris Levine's Lightness Of Being (2008)

Another work from UK-based artist Chris Levine’s ‘Lightness Of Being’ series, in April 2021 Lightness Of Being (2008) realised an astonishing £119,700 at Sotheby’s in London.

The third most-expensive work by the artist, Lightness Of Being (2008) is a now-iconic image that depicts the current British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II with her eyes closed. An intimate image that offers up a rare view of the Queen as she bears a restful expression, the piece started life as a photographic ‘outtake’, captured when Levine was preparing to create a full-scale hologram of Her Majesty in 2004.

She's Light (Laser 3) by Chris Levine

Image © Christie's / She's Light (Laser 3) © Chris Levine 2013