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Born in Atlanta in 1981, Shara Hughes is a celebrated artist whose foundation was solidified at the Rhode Island School of Design, graduating in 2004. Hughes's work stands as a testament to her deep connection with the environment and her gift for blending reality with fantasy. Through a blend of Fauvist and Surrealist techniques, her landscapes become emotional terrains, where every hue and stroke emanates feelings and states of mind.

Renowned for her fearless use of colour and instinctual brushwork, Hughes transforms familiar landscapes into mesmerising realms of fantasy. Her artistry offers viewers not just a visual treat but an emotional voyage, challenging them to perceive the world beyond its apparent form.

One of Hughes's most captivating approaches is her departure from relying on photographs or direct observations from nature. Instead, she paints from imagination, memory, and emotion. This intentional choice results in landscapes that are deeply personal yet universally relatable. The intense hues, distorted perspectives, and juxtaposed forms echo sentiments of longing, confusion, joy, or introspection.

Her In Lieu of Flowers exhibition is a testament to the evolution of her style. Here, the landscapes, despite their otherworldly nature, evoked a deep sense of intimacy and vulnerability. Through bursts of colours, unpredictable shapes, and fluid lines, Hughes invites viewers into her emotional and psychological spaces, challenging them to navigate their own feelings and memories in tandem with the visual journey her canvases offer.

Image © Christie's / Spins From Swiss © Shara Hughes 2017

1. £2.4M for Shara Hughes's Spins From Swiss

In 2022, Hughes' Spins From Swiss (2017) emerged as a record-breaking masterpiece, capturing the spotlight at Christie's auction. This monumental piece signifies Hughes' venture into landscape painting, showcasing her artistic evolution and skill. Hughes expresses her fascination with reinterpreting art history through her unique lens, evident in Spins From Swiss. Through the vibrant fauvist colours, the painting transports viewers to captivating canyons adorned with cascading waterfalls. It serves as a testament to Hughes' mastery of colour, form, and the awe-inspiring beauty of nature, captivating audiences with its mesmerising allure. Achieving £2.3 million at Christie's, this work solidifies Hughes' stature as an artist of remarkable vision and value.

Image © Sotheby's / Naked Lady © Shara Hughes 2019

2. £2.0M for Shara Hughes's Naked Lady

Naked Lady (2019) enchants viewers with its vibrant, kaleidoscopic landscape, seamlessly blending reality with surrealism. Central to the artwork is an exaggerated flower, its majestic allure commanding attention. Hughes approaches the interpretation of flowers akin to Yayoi Kusama's Flowers series, evoking elegance with exaggerated blooms infused with dynamic energy and enigmatic charm, exploring the intricacies of the human psyche. Naked Lady underscores Hughes' profound artistic vision, offering a contemporary reimagining of traditional genres, inviting viewers into a dreamlike realm where reality and imagination joyfully intertwine. This work sold for just over £2 million (with fees) in March 2022.

Image © Sotheby's / Ignoring the Present © Shara Hughes 2018

3. £1.3M for Shara Hughes's Ignoring the Present

Ignoring the Present (2018) reveals a mesmerising seascape framed by sinuous trees adorned with swirling and vibrant dots. Speaking on her own aesthetic, Hughes attempts to illustrate how intricate patterns mask underlying anxieties, resulting in compositions oscillating between beauty and the grotesque. Notably, Ignoring The Present exudes a subtle disquiet, initially veiled by radiant colours but unveiled upon closer scrutiny. As we immerse ourselves in the hypnotic world of coloured dots, we ponder the inherent dualities and uncertainties within the artwork. This visually stimulating and energetically abstract style resonates with Kusama's infinity compositions and realised a £1.3 million (with fees) at Sotheby's in March 2022.

Image © Phillips / The Not Dark Dark Spots © Shara Hughes 2017