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Niki de Saint Phalle, born in 1930 in France, was immersed from an early age in culture and arts, which played a fundamental role in shaping her creative outlook. Despite lacking any formal education in art, her passion for it was evident in her early paintings, which revealed a bold, intuitive approach. Her experiences, including a tumultuous childhood and a brief career as a model, greatly influenced her thematic focus on feminist and societal issues.

In the 1950s, her style evolved dramatically as she began to experiment with various mediums, leading to her popular shooting paintings, where she fired a rifle at paint-filled balloons, creating literally explosive and vivid canvases that challenged traditional art-making processes.

Her most famous works, the Nanas–exuberant, colourful, large-scale sculptures of women–became symbols of female empowerment and joy. These works, along with her architectural projects like the Tarot Garden in Italy, showcased her unique ability to combine art with public spaces. Her exhibitions across the globe, including retrospectives at prestigious institutions, solidified her reputation as a groundbreaking artist.

De Saint Phalle's career evolved through a series of projects and collaborations that garnered her recognition as a visionary in the art world. One of her most significant early works was featured at the Hon exhibition in 1966 at the Moderna Museet in Stockholm. Her sculpture of a reclining woman that visitors could enter, was a powerful statement on femininity and the female body.

This project, a collaboration with Jean Tinguely and Per Olof Ultvedt, was grand in its scale and interactive nature, challenging perceptions of art and space. Her involvement in public art projects, notably the Stravinsky Fountain near the Centre Pompidou in Paris, highlighted her skill in integrating art within urban landscapes. De Saint Phalle's art consistently pushed the boundaries of traditional mediums, employing everything from polyester and stone to mirrors and stained glass, reflecting her diverse and exploratory spirit. Her legacy extends beyond her vibrant sculptures and installations, influencing discussions around public art and the role of women in the art, inspiring new generations to embrace boldness and innovation in their work.