To A Stranger

To A Stranger
Signed Mixed Media

Damien Hirst

Mixed Media, 2014
Signed Mixed Media Edition of 55
H 60cm x W 60cm

Critical Review

Hirst has obsessively depicted the butterfly motif throughout his artistic oeuvre. Each butterfly is born with a unique pattern and mimics the individuality that frames much of human life. The butterfly motif appears both in printed editions as well as in installations where visitors are situated in a room of live butterflies.

Love Poems is another series by Hirst that centres on the theme of love. Speaking of his interest in the topic of love, Hirst has explained, “Love is a beautiful thing, and I see it as a small antidote to the horrors of the world.” Hirst has used the butterfly as a reflection of life throughout his artistic oeuvre and is fascinated by the appearance of life that the insect retains in death. The Love Poems series is representative of the way that Hirst puts themes of morality, life, love, faith and aesthetics into dialogue with one another to create spectacular and aphoristic images.