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David Hockney: Celia Seated In An Office Chair (black state) - Signed Print

Celia Seated In An Office Chair (black state)
Signed Print

David Hockney


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Intaglio, 1974
Signed Print Edition of 20

Critical Review

What contrasts with the quiet background is the wealth of meticulous detail underlying Hockney’s rendition of the woman’s outfit. The print sees Celia Birtwell wearing a long black skirt, loose shirt covered with an irregular floral print as well as a large bead necklace. Strands of curly hair fall over the woman’s forehead and partially cover each side of her face.

Reflecting Hockney’s attentiveness to the distinctive visual features of his sitters, the print celebrates the unique sense of style and effortlessness of the famous fashion designer’s look. Hockney’s scrupulous rendition of the bohemian outfit captures the spirit of the Swinging Sixties, in which Celia Birtwell’s creative identity as a fashion designer has its roots.

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