Ann In The Studio

Ann In The Studio
Signed Print

David Hockney

Intaglio, 1984
Signed Print Edition of 61
H 78cm x W 106cm

Critical Review

This signed Intaglio by renowned British artist David Hockney was released in 1984 in an edition of 60. As the title suggests, the work depicts the artist’s acquaintance Ann in his studio, the exclusive location of all of his portraiture works. Ann sits centrally in the foreground as Hockney’s studio sprawls in the background on either side. Relaxed with one hand propping up her head as she leans back into the chair, the sitter’s gaze is not on the viewer, but on the artist, suggesting the two are engaged in conversation whilst her portrait is being captured. Ann’s features are reduced to simplistic lines, yet Hockney’s skill lies in his ability to still capture a great likeness. Executed in a Picasso-esque style, the simplicity of this line drawing does not conceal its intimacy and emotion. Throughout the Portraits collection, and indeed Hockney’s entire oeuvre, the artist’s style continues to change, reflecting the limitlessness of his artistic abilities.

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