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Paper Faces
Signed Print

George Condo


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Screenprint, 2000
Signed Print Edition of 108
H 64cm x W 108cm

Jasper Tordoff

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Jasper Tordoff, Acquisition Coordinator

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Meaning & Analysis

George Condo’s Paper Faces was produced just after the turn of the century. It is a fairly large print, the width of the work spanning over one metre. It depicts a series of faces on, some resembling humans and others resembling animals. Several of these faces sit atop block coluors which are purple, red, green, blue, and yellow.

This work, which may be understood as a study of numerous faces, appears to be an exercise in memory. Rather than drawing on real-life muses, Condo may have sought to depict a series of imagined faced. Several of the figures that he depicts bare some resembles to another of his works: Droopy Dog Abstraction. The faces, such as the purple face in the lower centre, appear to take the form of a dog. This work exhibits Condo’s skill as a portraitist. He is able, in one work, to produce several convincing depicts, imbuing his characters with a lifelike familiarity.

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