5 Year Print Market Review 2023

Outta Date!

Although Harland Miller’s Penguin series is always humorous, it is often blackly existential, and rather dark. As a result, his Hate’s Outta Date prints stand out for their much more positive message; Miller colours this print in a fitting sunny yellow and employs a retro script that adds to the optimistic ambiance.

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Hate's Outta Date! - Signed Print by Harland Miller 2017 - MyArtBroker
Hate's Outta Date! 
Harland MillerSigned Print 

£4,700-£7,000Value Indicator

$9,000-$13,500 Value Indicator

$8,000-$12,000 Value Indicator

¥40,000-¥60,000 Value Indicator

5,500-8,000 Value Indicator

$45,000-$70,000 Value Indicator

¥850,000-¥1,270,000 Value Indicator

$6,000-$9,000 Value Indicator

-1% AAGR (5YR)


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Meaning & Analysis

Creating the illusion of a rugged, used cover, Miller’s Hates Outta Date conveys a slightly more positive message than some of his other works.

Hijacking the classic Penguin Jacket design, this print is part of a series of works that marked a seismic moment in his artist's career when he first started them in 2001. Upon finding a box of used Penguin books near the Notre Dame in Paris, he was struck with inspiration by their familiar, nostalgia-evoking cover design, as well as the simple colour-coded layout and its effect on the title of the book and its meaning. “I realised that the design of those classics would throw all the focus on to the title of the book, which is exactly what I wanted to do.(…) People are so used to the format already with the text in the middle that you could really say what whatever you wanted.”

The Harland Miller Penguin prints are hugely popular, with signed limited edition posters, prints and editions of the original paintings in consistent demand on the secondary market. Good news is, the prints are still possible to acquire for a much more affordable price than original works, somewhere between £2,500 – £35,000.