10 Facts About Invader's Hollyweed

Hollyweed (brown) by InvaderHollyweed (brown) © Invader, 2018
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One of Invader’s more controversial works, Hollyweed was first created in response to one of his most important solo exhibitions in Los Angeles.


These prints were made in response to the artist’s exhibition Into the White Cube.

Hollyweed (red) by InvaderHollyweed (red) © Invader, 2018

The prints were made by Invader in response to one of his largest and most important solo exhibitions in the US, Into the White Cube, held at Over the Influence in Los Angeles, California. The exhibition offered a retrospective on the artist’s most important works, as well as new artworks made on canvas, the first time the artist engaged with the medium after his fine art education in Paris.


Invader is influenced by video games.

Hollyweed (brown) by InvaderHollyweed (brown) © Invader, 2018

The prints represent two plants, the only difference being the colour of the pots, which are reminiscent of the antagonistic Super Mario characters.


The title is a cheeky pun by the artist.

Aladdin Sane (blue) by InvaderAladdin Sane (blue) © Invader 2014

The collection name is a pun staged by the artist, playing on the merging of ‘weed’, visually represented, and ‘Hollywood’.


Invader is known to love Los Angeles, where the exhibition that inspired these prints was held.

Hello My Game Is (red) by InvaderHello My Game Is (red) © Invader, 2009

Invader’s love for Los Angeles has been widely acknowledged, with the artist having invaded the city with over 200 public mosaics recorded to date interspersed through the city’s corners, and 11 invasion waves, one of which organised in conjunction with the 2018 exhibition.


One of Invader’s artworks has made it onto the Hollywood sign.

Versailles (black) by InvaderVersailles (black) © Invader, 2018

On December the 31st 1999, the artist defied public authorities when he placed one of his Space Invaders upon the letter D of the iconic Hollywood Sign, which has become a true landmark of the city. During subsequent trips to the city, he carried on his Invasion of the American landmark by placing his mosaics on its eight other letters.


Invader has been arrested!

Space Waffle by InvaderSpace Waffle © Invader, 2010

In 2010, the artist was then arrested for attempting to place another mosaic on the Hollywood sign, all the previous ones having already been removed, and was even forced to pay a fine.


These prints represent Invader’s defiance of public authorities.

Albino by InvaderAlbino © Invader, 2005

Seemingly uneventful within Invader’s production, upon closer analysis these prints reveal both Invader’s defiance of public authorities in his politically charged yet playful art, as well as Invader’s commitment to producing artworks that openly engage in a dialogue with the surrounding city.


The artworks in this series use the artist’s iconic 8-bit pixelated format.

Invasion Book 2.0, Paris by InvaderInvasion Book 2.0, Paris © Invader, 2012

Since the early 2000s, Invader's art has expanded from its original motif of the Space Invader into new icons inspired by other 8-bit video games. The deliberately pixilated format of Invader's works are what give his works their central essence.


The top price for a Hollyweed print is £8,571.

Aladdin Sane (yellow) by InvaderAladdin Sane (yellow) © Invader, 2014

In November 2022 a version of Hollyweed (brown) sold for € 10,000 (£8,571) at Blanchet & Associés Auction House in Paris, the highest price achieved for a print in this series.


Visually, this is probably Invader's most controversial work to date.

Invasion Guide 4, Invaderoma by InavderInvasion Guide 4, Invaderoma © Inavder, 2010

Explicit in it's reference to illegal drugs, Invader has never since created a more visually controversial work than this. However his art practice in general is controverisal by nature, in that he regularly 'invades' public spaces.

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