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If you are in the market to sell Invader prints, here are a few pieces of advice before you take the next step.

The last three years have seen French street artist Invader’s mosaic art achieve their highest prices at auction, and the market for his prints and multiples is also on the rise. Celine Fraser, MyArtBroker’s Acquisition Coordinator and an Invader fan, reveals her insights on the market and tips for selling your Invader artwork.

How much do Invader Prints and Kits Sell For?

“We get a lot of enquiries for Invader prints and Invasion Kits. His art is very popular with first-time buyers and investors because his prices are more accessible than other street artists or urban artists, like Banksy,” says Celine Fraser, MyArtBroker’s Acquisition Coordinator.

Prices for Invader on the secondary market start at a few thousand: a signed edition from his Rubik Kubrick series, such as The Shining or Clockwork Orange, can sell for £10,000, while an unsigned edition can be bought for around £5,000. A sealed and signed Invasion Kit can sell for up to £20,000. An original mosaic, like the Alias series, can sell for much higher – the top price at auction achieved $1.2 million (over £900,000).

Where to Sell Your Invader Print

Among the most common places to sell Invader artwork are online marketplaces such as eBay, auction houses, and private brokers such as MyArtBroker.

“In the past, lots of people have tried to sell their Invader artwork through eBay because they thought they could reach a lot of people there,” explained Celine. But they were, in fact, accessing only a very small part of the market. “Many buyers do not use eBay, especially not major collectors. Serious buyers prefer to go through more reputable sources, like auction houses or private brokers, where they can trust an artwork is real and has proof of provenance.”

While auction houses are a trustworthy channel to sell your Invader print or Invasion kit, there are many fees to consider: the seller’s fee is often 15% of the hammer price and, in addition, the cost of shipping to the auction house and marketing are covered by the seller.

MyArtBroker charges a 0% fee to the seller. Your personal broker will market your artwork to our network of buyers and also issue a condition report, arrange for restoration if needed, and vet potential interest to ensure they are genuine. In most cases, you can keep your print until you agree to a sale and, after the sale takes place, we will cover the cost of shipping. Contact us to find out more.

Why Sell Your Invader Print Online?

“Invader is most famous in Europe, especially in his native France. He’s also very established in the urban art and street art circles,” says Celine. “But outside this market and geographic location, he’s not as well known, although his reputation is growing.”

Selling online offers the opportunity to reach the right market and get the best price. “If you’re an Invader seller living outside of Europe, it may take longer to find buyers and get the best price for your artwork. But through MyArtBroker, you can connect with the established Invader market in France and Europe, which will likely result in both a higher price and a faster sale.”

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When Should I Sell my Invader Print or Kit?

“Invader’s market is definitely going up – his highest auction prices were set in the last 2-3 years. If you have an Invader Kit, anytime is a good time to sell. The market for them is very stable,” says Celine.

There is also growing interest for Invader’s prints, but reaching the right buyer requires a more targeted search. MyArtBroker can help you find the right market, the right price for your artwork and the best moment to sell based on the latest buying trends.

Can you Prove your Invader Print is Authentic?

Invader does not usually offer certificates of authenticity for his prints and multiples, so provenance is key. Keep the receipts of where you bought your Invader and where it was purchased by the previous owners, because you will need this paper trail when you decide to sell.

“If an Invader seller comes to us but can’t give a straight answer on where their piece came from, how much they paid for it or its provenance, that is a red flag for us,” says Celine. “On the other hand, if they have proof of purchase like a receipt from Invader’s old shop, we know immediately that it’s real.”

Has your Invader Print or Kit been kept in Good Condition?

The condition of an Invader artwork directly affects its value, so it is essential that you sell your print or Invader Kit in the best possible condition to get the highest price.

Celine advises sellers who own an Invasion Kit to keep it sealed in its original packaging. “It’s tempting to want to open the kit and display the piece, but it’s not worth it. The second you take it out of the package, it’s devalued.”

Framed prints should be float-mounted on an acid-free paper backboard (not back-mounted, as that could cause the print to bubble), with museum-grade archival glass. This will offer the print the best protection against sunlight and humidity, which may cause the paper to yellow. Unframed prints should be stored in a safe place inside a dust-free portfolio case.

Finally, get a condition report before you sell, which will list any of your artwork’s defects (or lack of) and vouch for its quality. MyArtBroker partners with a professional conservator to offer a free condition report as standard for our sellers. If there are signs of damage, we will work with our conservator to fix them – often at no cost to you

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