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Critical Review

Invader’s Invasion Kits are a collection of ceramic artworks that capture the essence of Invader’s playful approach to art and desire to make art into a game that everyone can play and take part in, like those found in an arcade or online.

The collection features a variety of kits that contain small, square, ceramic tiles. The tiles are accompanied by detailed instructions that, when followed correctly, enable the owner of the kit to produce an alien mosaic. The mosaics resemble those that have propelled Invader onto the international stage and have garnered critical acclaim from art experts and institutions.

The Invasion Kits can be seen alongside Invader’s impressive installation project, the Space Invaders project, which the artist started in 1998. The project involves Invader travelling all over the world and installing a number of mosaics of aliens from the popular arcade game, Space Invaders, onto the walls of the cities he visits. Invader has travelled to over 30 countries and has even installed a mosaic below sea level, with one being located in the Cancun Bay in Mexico, as well as one in space in the ISS (International Space Station).

The Space Invaders project has come to be recognised as one of the greatest street art stunts in art history. Invader aims to install around 20 to 50 mosaics in each city he visits and the artist has developed a sophisticated points system in which each artwork is given a score of 10 to 100 meaning that every city has its own score which is the sum of all the Space Invaders created on its walls. Invader ranks the cities using these scores to track and calculate which ‘invasions’ have been the most successful. The artist has created maps and guides which contain detailed information regarding the scores of his invasions, as well as the locations of the artworks, so people can track them down and appreciate the ground-breaking scale of this project.