Invasion Kit 18, L.A.

Invasion Kit 18, L.A.
Signed Ceramic


Ceramic, 2018
Signed Ceramic Edition of 300
H 21cm x W 28cm

Critical Review

This Invasion Kit was released in 2018 in conjunction with Invader’s largest solo exhibition in North America, Into the White Cube. Held at Over the Influence, a Los Angeles based gallery, the exhibition offered the largest retrospective on Invader’s works, and was the first exhibition of the artist in the US since 2005. In addition to renowned works like his Rubikcubes, Invader also released an entirely new series of artworks and renditions of Space Invaders, which he made available through his prints and through his Invasion Kits.

This Invasion Kit thus constitutes a testament to a pivotal moment in the artist’s career and attests to his ongoing engagement with the artistic scenery of North America and its commercial galleries and museums.

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