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Invasion Kit 4, Rubik Space

Invasion Kit 4, Rubik Space


Ceramic, 2004
Ceramic Edition of 150
H 14cm x W 18cm

Critical Review

As suggested by its title, this represents Invader’s fourth Invasion Kit, and thus attests to the early development of Invader’s artistic vocabulary, style and techniques. This Invasion Kit was released in 2004 in anticipation of Invader’s first Rubikcubism exhibition, Rubik Space, which was held at the Galerie Patricia Dorfmann, Paris, from 24th March - 7th May 2005. There, Invader presented for the first time to the public his new artistic style, Rubikcubism (see here for instance The Shining or Clockwork Orange), through which Invader recreates the pixelated texture of his usual Space Invaders through twisting dozens of different Rubik Cubes.

The Invasion Kit particularly references one of Invader’s earliest Rubikcubist artworks, Rubik Space, where Invader similarly portrayed a Space Invader against a colourful background. In this sense, the multicoloured array of tiles chosen by Invader can be seen as referencing the colour palette of the Rubik cubes, each tile echoing a face of the cube.

Vivaciously colourful, this Invasion Kit is then not only pleasant to the eye but also collocates itself within an early moment in Invader’s artistic development, bringing together his mosaic techniques and Space Invader characters with the colourfulness of his Rubik cubes artworks, which the Kit anticipates and references.

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