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Invasion Kit 8, Third Eye

Invasion Kit 8, Third Eye


Ceramic, 2008
Ceramic Edition of 150
H 16cm x W 18cm

Critical Review

The title of the Invasion kit suggests the red dot to be the third eye. However, the more appropriate name would be bindi, a bright red dot applied in the centre of the forehead in many traditions of the Indian subcontinent. The Invasion Kit was released in 2008 following the artist’s trip to Kathmandu, Nepal, and as such, it becomes plausible to assume that Invader’s fascination with Nepalese culture led him to depict one of his Space Invaders in the guise of a Nepalese woman.

In Hindu culture, the bind is said to retain energy and strengthen concentration and represents the third eye, hence Invader’s title, a mystical concept postulating the existence of an invisible eye that acts as a gate to the inner realms and states of higher consciousness.

A unique and rare find in Invader’s production, this Invasion Kit represents a great addition to any Invader collector, attesting to the artist’s ongoing engagement with different traditions and cultures.

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